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Susan N Jarvis
Susan N Jarvis

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My inspiration comes from experiencing the wonders of nature and my relationships with friends and loved ones. I especially enjoy painting people and capturing scenes from everyday life.

Whether it's setting a tranquil mood with a softly colored palette or by creating excitement using bold brushwork and bright colors, I find immense joy in the creative process.
Simply put - painting is fun!

Recently I've incorporated the use of a palette knife for certain pieces. It's bold strokes have awakened a vitality in my work!

Painting still life in my studio is a favorite challenge. Sometimes I want the freshness of completing a work in one session, painting quickly and intuitively. Other times I choose to focus on details that include every tiny feature of my subject.

My private studio is located in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah, where I paint and also enjoy teaching adult art classes and workshops.

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